The Green School Programme

An Coiste Glas

International Environmental Education

The Green School Programme has been in full swing in our school since the year 2000. This is an international environmental education programme. The aim of this programme is to raise awareness among children of environmental issues. Two children from classes 3-6 are members of the Green Schools Committee and they meet at least once a term to discuss environmental issues.

Our school was awarded with its eighth green flag at the end of the 2019/2020 school year. This flag was awarded for work completed in the school on the theme of the Marine environment and on efforts made by the school to increase levels of awareness with regards to the importance of the Marine environment.

Safer Cycling Initiative

As part of the Green Schools Programme Rang 5 have carried out cycle training with the Safer Cycling Initiative each year. The children enjoy this immensely and learn the appropriate hand signals among other things, to help keep them safe on our roads. A Cycle Bus was established in the school 2 years ago with children from as young as infants to Rang 6 cycling to school with adult supervision with the benefit of the environment in mind.